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I'm trying to install Windows 7, and have wasted multiple discs in the process, trying different speeds, different softwares, even different types of discs.

My problem is I'm getting stuck with the "No device drivers found..." I've seen a few threads but I cannot find an answer that will work.

The last thing I thought I would mention is that I'm currently on Windows XP x32 and I'm wanting to go to Windows 7 x64...can this be done? Do I need to fully uninstall Windows XP with the Windows XP disc before even using the Windows 7 disc?

Any response that could lead to it working will greatly be appreciated!




I have them on the flash drive, and I still can't even get to custom installation. I'm still getting "Load Driver- No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK." Did I do something wrong, or do you know anything else I could try?

I take that back, under the Vista x64 it shows "NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller"...but I don't have vista, nor x64 (though I'm wanting to go to XP x32 to windows 7 x64) Should I choose that to install or would that be pointless?

No.  I know of no substitute for working drivers.
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