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I haven't seen this question anywhere so I figured I'd come straight to the source.  I just saw on one of the information pages for upgrading to Windows 7 if I already own a legitimate copy of Window XP or Vista that I can buy and use any package which states "Upgrade".  Is this true?  I understand that upgrading my WinXP machines will mean a Custom install but if you tell me I can do it from an "Upgrade" package why would the sales people in the stores tell me I cannot do this?  Obviously they want me to get the higher priced product but why contadict something that's easlily found on your pages?

Also, can I do an upgrade from a "Full" product purchase?

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For ANY computer, if you want to install to an empty hard drive, you need a
Full license
For ANY computer with an existing activated install of either XP or Vista,
you can use either a Full License, or an Upgrade License.
In the case of computers with XP installed, any install of Win 7 will
*require* a 'Custom Install' - which will reformat the hard drive.
In the case of computers with Vista installed, you have the option to do
either an 'Upgrade Install' - which carries over data, settings and programs
(under optimal circumstances) - or a 'Custom Install' - which will reformat
the drive.
Does this make things any clearer?
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