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I upgraded from windows XP to windows professional. I used the easy windows transfer program and let it do its thing. I Backed up the files to my western digital book. It transfered 329 gigs. When I went to transfer the file back to the computer it says there isn't enough space. Which is true it's only a 500 gig hard drive. Windows 7 said it would do a clean install but all the files are still in the computer I just can't use them. Do I have to format my hard drive then install windows 7 then bring my files back over? How do I get my files back over to the computer? 



It seems because you did a install of Windows 7 Professional over Windows XP, the Windows.old directory which contains your old Windows XP install might still exist taking up space.

Go to the root of your drive and look for that folder and delete then attempt the transfer again. If its not there, do another clean install of Windows 7 then run the restoration again.

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