Q: Easy Transfer Wizard Error: There isn't enough disk space available to transfer your files and settings. The Transfer file size is 40GB and I have a C: drive that says it has 280GB free and a D: drive that has 298GB free.

I did a successful save of the Easy Transfer files to an external hard drive.  Previously this computer was running Vista for over 1 year with no problems. 

After doing a Custom install (I wanted to start with a clean install) of Win7, everything is working.  I installed Windows/Office Updates and all of my other program files.  When I run Transfer Wizard, it locates the "old computer" transfer file and reads it OK, showing the Users and a transfer file size of 40.1GB.  When I click Transfer button, I get the error: There isn't enough disk space available to transfer your files and settings.  However, I have over 280GB free on my C: drive.

What disk is it looking at and what do I need to do to get around this.  If I cannot get my files/settings back, I am going to be a VERY unhappy customer.



I just went through same - WET from previous Dell PC running Windows 7 Ultimate to HP with Windows 7 Home Premium. Using Belkin Easy Transfer cable.
WET indicated insufficient space although the hard drive is double the size.
I clicked on "Advanced" and noticed that WET was trying to also transfer Dell factory image from recovery partition and recovery partition on HP was smaller.
I de-selected (unchecked) files in recovery partitio on old computer and things are going fine from main to main.
Hope that helps!

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