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I have a dual boot system that boots into Win 7 (64) (C:Drive) or Win 7 (32) (W:Drive). I needed to increase the size of Win7 (64) drive and in order to do so I needed to move the Win 7 (32) partition. Now I can still boot into Win 7 (64) with no problem but when I boot into Win 7 (32) it Windows states that it is not a genuine copy and it is actulally on drive "G:"!!! Anyway to change it back to "W:" becuase I believe this is the problem.

TIA, Armin 



J W Stuart,

First of all thank you for your help.

I tried everything you suggested but nothing worked. I tried repair options several times and I tried renaming the registry entry. No success.

What finally resolved the problem was that I rembered that I made a back up of the "W:" partition with Acronis TrueImage a week before. I made sure the Win 7 (32) partition was mapped as "W:" in Win 7 (64) and I restored the old "W:" from within Win 7 (64). Acronis restored the "W:" partiton and rebooted the system. When I selected Win7 (32) in my dual boot it took a while to come up but it came up like nothing happened. Both OS are working now. Win 7 (64) in the "C:" partition and Win 7 (32) in the "W:".

I am glad that it works now because I have software that needs to be uninstalled properly from within Windows so it can be installed it somewhere else and without that I would need to go through many explanations with vendoir and possibly even pay for support or a new license.

Again, thank you for your help.



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