Q: Cannot shut down after windows 7 upgrade

I've upgraded my NEC notebook (Versa S9100) from Vista business to Window 7 Ultimate. After upgrading, the notebook does not shut down completely. The power light indicates that the power is on and I have to hold the power button down to cut power. When it starts up again, it will say that the computer was not shut down properly.

I can hibernate the computer but when it starts up, I get the recovery page where I have the option to start in safe mode, etc. I select "start windows normally" and it works ok.

I tried doing the clean boot as suggested by other forums but it did not resolve the problem.

I realised that I forgot to turn off my Avast anti-virus when I did the upgrade. Would that have affected the upgrade?

Appreciate suggestions to resolve this problem. thanks.



Check if the computer is set to turn off, or just sleep:

Change Windows 7 Shutdown Button
1. Right click on the Start Menu orb/flag and choose Properties.
2. Change the drop down box for Power Button Action to "shut down" if that is not what's sellected.

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