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I installed an upgrade from vista to windows 7 home premium a while back, from original disk with product key. I had previously installed it on my old labtop. It worked fine.

A while later i discovered the anytime upgrade option on my labtop and was told i could upgrade to windows professional free of charge, I had never heard of "anytime upgrades" but was given the product code and it seemed the obvious option. All of this was through microsoft so i assumed it was fine.

Now I'm getting messages saying that I have an illegal version of the operating system and that it won't activate... I don't know how to revert bact to my original upgrade either, I'm not exactly a whizz where computers are concerned, or technology in general for that matter. What should i do?...

Bit of a thicky so walk me throught it :) thanks



Yeah, while on a microsoft site tho. I wouldn'tve bothered but it pretty much told me i qualified for an upgrade. I found my original home premium disks, can i just set up again?

Yes, you can reinstall Home Premium again and use your Home Premium key.


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