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I purchased a eMachines T5230 a while a go, that came preloaded with Windows Vista 32 Bit Premium on it. I recently did a major hardware upgrade including the motherboard and RAM. Upon booting up, it said my Windows key was invalid, even when I typed in the correct key given to me by eMachines when I first bought the computer. I asked for help here, and was told to think about upgrading to Windows 7, which I attempted to do so. However when I try to upgrade to windows 7 it gives me the error that I must be running Windows Vista WITH service pack 1, which I do not have. And because it is not accepting my Vista key anymore, I have been unable to Activate vista to allow me to download SP1. I am unsure of why all this hassle is occurring and am quite displeased with it. 



The reason you are having the first problem with Vista is because you have made significant changes including the motherboard. You had a preinstalled OEM version of Vista. This is not allowed. It is like you are installing it on another machine. OEM versions do not allow this. Check the license agreement. You can't upgrade to Win 7 because your Vista is not legal anymore. Your only chance for win 7 is to install a Full version, not an Upgrade. This will work fine.

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