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I used an uprade disc to upgrade to W7 from vista (clean install) 2 days ago and the size of c drive (W7) is 116.52 GB ! ! ! What is causing it to be so large ? Shouldn't it only occupy 25 GB or so ? The windows old file has been deleted . So what is causing  the upgrade installation of W7 to take 116.62 GB ? ( that is not counting the         14.65 GB recovery partition  the system partiton  alone is 116.62 GB .... in total the upgrade took an entire 131.27 GB.... what is wrong .... ??



I turned off system restore and 95 GB reappeared as free space on HD. System restore had used up 95 GB . I turned it back on and made a fresh restore point and the total of W7 upgrade was 22 GB . Problem solved .....

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