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Hi I am using windows 7 x64 2009 home premium (which is a desktop computer, and has a big HP box, or hewlett packward), and I have this very annoying nuisance problem. it started 1 and a half month's ago, and it's where it says "enter current password" when I try to enter BIOS. I've tried the CMOS, and that didn't work, I've been referring to these sites and I haven't done all the steps yet: < Removed for Code of Conduct violation >

< Removed for Code of Conduct violation >
I know there's a jumper in there but the AskVG site wasn't specific on what color and where the Jumper was, or didn't provide any pictures, on both sites. i'm only trying to access BIOS because i have reversed function keys F1 - F12 and i have to "un-reverse" them i guess. I also haven't been hacked or anything. will removing the password, or resetting it by entering another one work with the regedit or gpedit? thx. also here's the image

Problems with BIOS is out of scope of Microsoft support, for this issue, you need to contact your PC manufacturer's support and this is not a Windows specific problem.

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