Windows 7 Update appears to be compromised?

JamesDevoll asked on

These details of "Important" update, which I received this morning - 4:30 AM MT.  Copied to Notepad:

(appears to be a language pack?  4.3 MB)



Download size: 4.3 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Important


More information:

Help and Support:


Did NOT install.  After my MSE definitions updated, I repeated Windows Update.  The above 'important' update did not reappear???

Did MS servers get compromised?

Thank you

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TAIFUN_T replied on

I also had this update today.


Размер загрузки: 4,3 МБ

Чтобы обновление вступило в силу, может потребоваться перезапуск компьютера.

Способ обновления: Важное


Дополнительные сведения:

Справка и поддержка:

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starsknight replied on

Same here. Hopefully if enough people post about this, we'll get a response from Microsoft. Haven't installed, but in my case (unlike in the OP's), it reappears every time I check for new updates.

I got several errors when I was first trying to run Windows Update right before getting this--for about 10 min I couldn't access updates at all. No idea if it's related.

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JG2011_943 replied on

I have the same issue too; you would think Microsoft would notice this with 277+ views.... Something is odd about this update.


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Spyderturbo007 replied on

I got the same one too.  It's a little weird that it's redirecting to an oddball .gov and .mil website.  Pretty fishy if you ask me...
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ADBLQSW01 replied on

Any news about this problem ?
I have the same issue and I don't want go on with installation and join the new pc to Active directory.
Help us !


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yidkidone replied on

Release date 3/27/2013?  Does anyone have a release date different from this?

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kofaust replied on

This just happened to me on a fresh install of windows 7 enterprise. Last night I finished installing all windows updates. This morning I had this come up. Once you rescan the updater, it disappears.

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Spyderturbo007 replied on

It hasn't hit the WSUS server at my work yet so unfortunately I can't confirm the date you're seeing.  I am seeing it on my home workstation though. 

EDIT -> I synchronized my WSUS server and it's not appearing.

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PaulJohnson4535 replied on

We had the update repeatedly show up as available and repeatedly it failed (never blindly accept updates :-( )

However seems to have gone, but we NEED to know what it was. Has the laptop been compromised?

Just a short answer will do.

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ByGodZombie replied on

my laptop was screwed after the update. windows explorer crashes 

VERY frequently now and most of my programs stopped working even in admin mode.
system restore didn't work and i don't have the information i need for a reinstall.
basically whatever it was killed my system and compromised my gear so i wouldn't want to look up anything sensitive to personal data on your machine.  also i noticed the update cant be deleted or hidden or detected after a failed install. even though you can clearly see it listed as a failed update... this is bad.

sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear. maybe it effects things differently depending on location and computing capabilities.  hope for the best and try to restore.

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