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Somehow, permissions on my windows 7 home premium machine is all messed up.  Several programs won't work now because of incorrect permissions on some system directory.

This showed up after a system restore.   I have managed to add write permisions to most of the places that need it, however, there is still some unknown place that isn't right and I can't find it.

Is there some utility to restore system permissions on everything, or can I reinstall windows OVER my existing copy without having to reload all my programs.   I put in my windows disk and it just says "Install now".   This makes me nervous.  I know you used to be able to do this with XP (don't know about vista).

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



This is happening to me right now. I found out how to fix individual files / folders.

How to Fix:

Right click on what you want to open / run.

Click Share With.

Then click Specific People...

After that this should come up:

Just follow the pictures, too hard/ long to explain:

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Sorry this didn't help.

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Just wanted to let you guys know how things turned out.   I did both things.  Most everything was fixed, but there were a couple of programs that just refused to operate and I thought I had changed permissions on everything, but to no avail. 
I ended up finally just reloading my whole OS.   Pain but I needed to make sure all parts of the system were working, and I was spending more time on trying to repair things than it did to reload.  I am almost done loading all my software.  One pain to note.   It appears that since I already registered my MS Office products, I can't do that over the internet now.  I have to call.   That isn't right.  Oh well.

Thanks to both of you.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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