KB4048957 and Printers

KB4048957 on Windows 7 computers has stopped printers from printing. We have hundreds of computer's of our customers reporting that the Windows update KB4048957 has stopped their printers from functioning. It may be related to older printer drivers as many report just their Epson dot matrix printers not printing.

We have had communication with support from our competitor that their support is seeing the same problem on their customers machines. 

This is a serious issue.

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We are having the same issue in our environment.  We have had to uninstall KB4048957 in order to get our older Epson FX-890N printers to work again. 

Unfortunately, this effects a lot of users in our environment.

Glad to hear someone else has the problem. In Ireland (where I am) there are two companies (I am with one of them) that provide software to General Practice (doctors) in about 1,600 practices. There are on average 5 PCs per practice and because the Health Service Executive is in the dark ages they require that public prescriptions are printed on triple layer tractor feed paper. This means every PC is printing to Epson L?/300 printers.

You can imagine the support calls today...

I've brought this thread to the attention of the Forum Owners and hopefully they will get it to the relevant folks at Microsoft.
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We also facing same problem with our Epson dot matrix printers.

We are from Malaysia. This updates affected lot of our Epson dot matrix printers (Epson LQ-2190)

We are from China. This update stopped all our Epson LQ-730K and LQ-730KII from printing.

 I have feedback to Epson Malaysia hours ago. Epson Malaysia said their technical team need some time to rectify the problem.

Hope Microsoft/Epson will come out new updates soon to solve this issue.

Some Internet searches reveal that this issue is pervasive - especially with dot matrix printers.

Instead of waiting for MS to fix it (or while you are waiting) folks report that uninstalled the update, restarting the system will get things going again.

If you see it offered again in Windows Update you can right click and Hide the update for now.

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It's not just KB404897 - there are a bunch of updates across Windows 7, 8 and 10. I wrote it up here:


I really hope they update the patch soon, this is a massive problem. Killed my day.


This is a Known Issue (but not according to Microsoft yet) for all Win7, Win8.1 & Win10 computers where the Nov-17 security update has been install. cf. https://www.tachytelic.net/2017/11/unable-print-dot-matrix-printers-windows-updates/


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