Initial Windows Update very slow

tballard asked on


I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate with Service Pack 1.  The initial check for updates succeeded in updating Microsoft updates, but the initial check for updates has been running for (oh I don't know) 15 or 20 minutes....

Is this just the normal expected wait time for initial windows update?

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Christina1982 replied on

Mines slow too i had to factory reset got sp1 it took all night. I past out woke up with it done now been tryung to check for updates going on more then a hour to check :s this is crazy
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Athena... replied on

             Something has gone very very wrong with Windows Update.

I agree.   I did a fresh install of Win7 SP1 yesterday and left Win Update running overnight -- it was still checking for updates when I got up this morning.   I thought some of the customizations I did before starting the update might have messed things up so I decided to reinstall this morning.

I first tried the option to install using the option to use the latest version from the web -- I cancelled that after it spent an hour "collecting information" then went back to installing from the CD.   Once I had a fresh install of Win7, I  immediately started the update.   It has now been "checking for updates" for about 3 hours.

One thing I noticed is that the update history shows that the update agent (7.6.7600.320) was installed during the installation.  It seems to me that the Windows team needs to get some people working on backing out this version of the update agent so that Windows can actually update itself.

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Paolo& replied on

still no news at 3 december and this issue is present since few months now. Every Windows 7 reinstall from scratch is a pain. this is causing a lot of troubles and time waste to peoples working at repairing.

i'd like to know the official Microsoft opinion about this problem, not every computer in the world is able to run Windows 10 and many offices still need Windows 7 because of compatibility issues.

Cmon peoples, Windows 7 is still a officially supported OS, how many CO2 all the computers running Windows 7 are creating just wasting time looking for updates?????


to fix this issue one have to manually download and apply the following updates:

KB3050265 first, then reboot

KB3102810 then reboot

i suggest to apply both updates with no network connection because wusa seem to stuck looking for something.

i just tried on a fresh Windows 7 SP1 installation and it work.

these updates update the Windows update engine to 7.6.7601.19046 which seem unaffected by the bug.

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