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I currently run Windows 7 ultimate 64 and am happy with that, I do not wish to upgrade to Windows 10 and would like to permanently disable the windows update attempts to download and install it.
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PrivacyIsImportant replied on

I updated a laptop computer to Windows 10 and I like the interface and I appreciate the many improvements but with the privacy concerns I have about Windows 10 I will not be updating my other computers.

I read this solution elsewhere and I don't remember where now but it worked for me.  Here's how to get rid of the Upgrade to Windows 10 notification (Your update is ready...) in Windows 7. 

Go to Control Panel

Click System and Security

Find and click on "View Installed Updates" (small text to the right under the Windows Update section)

Locate KB3035583 (I used the Search box in the upper right of the window) and uninstall it

Afterwards, go back and search for Windows Update, KB3035583 will be there to install again.  Right click on it and and select "Hide update".

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