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I had tried several times now, but the same happend.

When i upgraded first time from XP to Win 7 everything whent ok untill a few days later. then started the taskbar to freeze, i could not click any items in the taskbar etc. Untill i start the Task Manager by pressing #ctrl-alt-del" when i had dne that the task bar can be used again !

I had tried to run 5-6 different virus scanners, i have AVG installed, nothing from any of them, i thought in the beginning it could be a problem with the csrss.exe file as in the taskmanger can i not see the properties, it not come up at all, also it not show who user ise the csrss.exe, my notebook does that !

I had re-installed the Win 7 2 times again, and now it seems like the taskbar freeze at sratup, so when had had started the tasmanager 1 time it works all ok !
That is quite strange !!

Any have a brilliant idea about what is wrong !
My computer is an Acer stationary, 2 GB ram. Intel Core Duo E4500 2.2 GHz.
Windows / 32 bit.




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This shall fix your issue:

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