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My question is this... My current pc came with vista preloaded...I did not receive a CD disk with it...Rather the manufacture had set up a recovery partition for me to restore the system. In addition ,  vista also gave me the option to make recovery disks which i did. If I upgrade to windows 7 and do a clean install will it give me that same one time option to create the recovery disk for my computer?  Also,  when i do install windows 7 will it give me the option to wipe my whole hard drive including the old recovery partition and allow me to create a new recovery partition?  I realize that it is the manufacturer that has set up the recovery partition, and i have never had to do it for myself before, so I was wondering if that is some kind of option with windows 7 or if i am on my own to create a new one?       



Recovery mechanisms are created by a PC's manufacturer, not by Windows. When you upgrade to Windows 7 or do a clean installation of Windows 7 then you will NOT get a direct factory recovery option. If it is an upgrade then you will have to perform a two-step process:
1. Do a Vista factory recovery.
2. Do an upgrade to Windows 7.

If it is a clean installation then you have to repeat the installation process.

However - Windows 7 gives you the option of burning an image file to DVD. Use it!
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