Driver Signature Enforcement error screen can't be cleared, even after signing.

After the boot splash screen, I get a message saying that as the result of recent hardware or software changes, I have a problem with Driver Signature Enforcement. 
"File:  \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Status:  0x0000428
Info:  Windows cannot verify the original signature for this file."

The fixes included running Repair Your Computer from the install disk, which said it found a couple of problems in the startup and that it would fix them--but it didn't work and when I tried to run it again, those problems no longer showed.  There were no other reasonable fixes shown.  It didn't say how to boot to Windows 7, but I did a F8 to see the available boot devices because I saw that there was supposed to be a temporary disabling of this problem--but that screen (the one after the splash screen) said nothing of the kind.  I did, however, try to start with the C: drive and it worked and I got into Windows (and thus into Microsoft Answers).  I found the fix using dseo13b.exe overrider, tried it twice and it didn't fix it.  It actually signs the file (it said it did).  Also, I found the suggestion to use bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON  but it planted a sign on my desktop "Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7600" but didn't fix the problem and I don't know how to take it off.  I also ran System Restore and went back several days--still does it.

I found copies of winload.exe (the problem file) in both system32\ and system32\boot\ and ran a fc (file compare) which reported no differences, though I understand NTFS has underlying capabilities that may handle the signing.

So, is there a fix that works (these I mentioned didn't)?  Can I download the file and replace it? 

System info:  AMD Athlon X2 64, Asus M4N72-E MB, 4GB memory, Windows 7, drivers all up to date.  I just put the system back together after doing a minimal configuration test on another MB.  That's when the problem began. 
Two other problems still unsolved with the system:  Slow Firewire (it also drops out occasionally), and an error box when Win7 starts:  "Error in NVCPL.dll  Missing entry: NoStartupFirstRunAfterInstUserAccount"  I just got at update from nVidia for Geforece 8800 GTS today.  Still have the error.
John Stewart
Finally--I've got the problem fixed...I think.

See site

I will try my best to document how it worked so maybe someone else can benefit from my experience.  I found this doing a Bing search on Driver Signature Enforcement after working my way down through things I already tried.  Frankly, I don't know how it worked. 

If you follow the site's instructions, I'll try to make sense of it.  I chose to create a USB flash disk, so I downloaded, which extracts to isoboot.iso, which you burn to a CD.  You have to provide your own burning software, so I found AShampoo Burning Studio, which I very much like, especially after suffering under Nero for the past years. emphasizes that you have to set USB drive emulation to Removable in the BIOS.  Separately, it says to change the BIOS to boot from the CD, "otherwise your flash drive will be detected as C: drive and can't be updated by my utility."

Since I have never set a USB drive as Removable in the BIOS before, I couldn't find how to do it.  But I did change the boot to the CD.  I booted to the CD, which opened as a DOS environment.  I poked around there a little bit and found the BOOT_A.COM and BOOT_B.COM files.  I ran the BOOT_B.COM.  It came back that it had succeeded.  I don't know what it did.  Anyway, I rebooted, changed the BIOS back and it came up since then without the DSE error stuff.

I still have to get rid of the "Test Mode" inscription on my desktop, which is probably some obscure command in BCDEdit.  It may be that that may cause the problem to return.  I'll let you know.

Now, I understand that if it truly disabled Driver Signature Enforcement, I may have a potential for a security problem.  Any comments on this?

Also, see my last post, above:  Should I still do a Full Install (assuming you think I can license it with my Update license) so as to be sure DSE is working properly again and to clean up all the system changes I have been making?

John Stewart
John Stewart

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