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Noster_ asked on

I am experiencing a problem (such as below picture shows) while trying to shut my laptop down, same goes to hibernation and sleep. It does not happen always, but I think one of two times. How can i fix it? I have looked in forum but did not find similar parameters to mine. I assume it is some driver issue, and not hardware? 
Any hep will be appreciated, Cheers.

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Patrick Barker replied on

If you are connecting via ethernet, this means you are simply connecting a cable to the laptop for internet connection. If you are connecting wirelessly, you are using the laptop's built in wireless. Regardless, if you are using no 3rd party adapters, you have a Lenovo laptop if I remember correctly, yes?

If so, navigate to Lenovo's drivers & support page for your specific laptop and download and install the latest Atheros network drivers -


Debugger/Reverse Engineer.
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