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WillSanders asked on
Hi all, this has happened several times now in the last few days, but I've turned on my computer with a dialogue box open that says my computer bluescreened at some point.  I never have actually seen the bluescreen yet, but I have had the problem of my computer seemingly failing to boot up when I try to turn it on ('starting windows' screen comes up, followed by black screen.  Only option is then to button-shutdown the laptop.)  I can still restart the computer in safe mode when this happens.  Also a third issue, my laptop's display has been acting up lately as well, where the screen starts to become a flurry of checkerboard patterns: 

So my question is, are these things all related somehow? They've all started recently.  Or... is my computer just very screwed up in a number of ways right now.  I have the .dmp file of the latest bluescreen event if anyone wants to see it, I don't know how to add it to the post though...


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Patrick Barker replied on

Sorry to hear you're having artifacts! Well, at this point, I am going to go ahead and say that this is an issue with the video card (hardware-wise), and not a driver issue. I'd say it's a driver issue, but we've been left & right with different versions, including rolling back to early version(s), so I don't believe it is.

I would at this point go ahead and contact the manufacturer and let them know you are getting artifacts, and different display drivers aren't helping so you'd like a repair (or depending on warranty and age) replacement if possible.



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