Q: editing drives that are saved by a system image

How do I prevent windows from automatically adding a drive to a system image.  I have a couple of external hard drives that I use with my laptop.  One has a large number of files and programs(mainly games) that I use, but I do not need them to be backed up.  The other I save all of my backups to.  For some reason Windows wants to make a system image of both the laptop's internal hard drive and the external drive with all of the games on it.  I only need the internal hard drive backed up and I am wondering how do I tell windows to not create a system image of the external drive, or are there any files on the external drive that are causing windows to think it needs to backup the drive?



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I suggest you to follow DEFCON 1®’s and Arthur Xie’s suggestions mentioned in the below link which will answer your questions:

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For your information:


Savan – Microsoft Support.

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