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I have been trying to uninstall Windows LiveOne Care Safety Scanner because I mistakenly downloaded it and it does not work for Windows 7 64 bit computers.  It would not uninstall.  So I tried restoring my computer to an earlier time.  Two questions:

The LiveOne Safety Scanner is still there and I still can not uninstall it.  Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

The restore point was before the latest Windows Updates.  Would the updates have been deleted by the System Restore?  I checked to see if I have the latest updates and I do, but I don't understand how that is possible.  Any explanation?




Just to let you know that I FINALLY solved my problems and was able to do a system restore that got rid of the safety scanner.  First, in order to do a successful system restore, I had to disable tamper protection in my antivirus program.  Then I picked a better restore point by running the "programs affected scan" before doing the restore.  That showed me which restore point would get rid of the safety scanner.  I did this all while being disconnected from the internet.  It worked.  The latest Windows updates were removed also, but I downloaded them again so now my computer should be back to where it was more or less before I downloaded the safety scanner.

I learned one other thing and that is not to assume that a program for Windows 7 is automatically ok for a Windows 64 bit computer.  I just didn't even consider that it might not be.  It would have been nice if the Safety Scanner download indicated in a very prominent location that it was for a 32 bit computer only. 

Thanks for your efforts.  They are appreciated.

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