Q: Black screen after system restore

I have a samsung n150 its running windows 7 starter and i system restored it. The computer goes through the restore process and seems fine, i put in my password and it goes black, the only thing i can see is the mouse. I can go into safemode and such. I went into safemode with command prompt and tried to system restore again but to find that nothing changed. This netbook doesnt have a disc drive so i dont know what i can do.


All the safemodes and everything boot a black screen with the mouse visible. When i load windows normally i can pull up task manager and thats visible, and from there i can pull up the internet and everything but the desktop doesnt show up nor does it respond when i click randomly on the black screen and there is not tool bar at the bottom with start and everything.



Hello Camrongodbout,

Give a try with the following:

Step 1:

1.     Open task manager.

2.     Click File.

3.     New Task (Run...).

4.     Type %windir%\explorer.exe and then click ok.

Check if any of the devices is conflicting in the boot process.

Step 2:

Try updating the graphics card drivers from the manufacturer’s site and check:

For your information: 


Savan – Microsoft Support. 

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