Trying to run setup.exe file for downloaded game, getting error "Windows found that this file is potentially harmful."

MarianneC asked on

I downloaded a game program from the internet (a game I have successfully installed on all previous versions of Windows dating back to about 1995!), and the files appeared to download okay.  However when I try to run the setup.exe application file, I get this message:

   Windows Security Warning

   Windows found that this file is potentially harmful.
   To help protect your computer, Windows has blocked access to this file.

   Name:   Setup.exe

   How does this help protect my computer?  ( <-- that line hyperlinked)

                           OK     (  <-- button to hit)

So, the message doesn't give me any info on why it's blocking it or options to allow it.  Also, the hyperlink goes to the Windows Help and Support program, but tells me the topic isn't found.

Just got Windows 7 yesterday so still very new to it and without the error message giving me some option other than hitting "OK", not even sure which program is actually blocking the file or how to stop it from blocking it.

Hope I gave you enough information, if not please let me know what else you need to know.

Thanks!  Marianne

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gordonml replied on

It's baffling that even an MVP can't answer your question properly, and ridiculous that another MVP thought it was enough to be marked as the answer.  I know I'm probably a bit late, but here's the answer anyway.
Anything you download from the internet is automatically marked as such by windows.  Microsoft clearly think everyone are idiots and that they'll make security decisions for you, so if you attempt to extract a zip containing a .exe file in it, it will tell you that it has been blocked.  To get round this, right click on the zip, click "Properties", then click "Unblock", and it will forget it came from the internet and let you extract the file.  

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