Q: Windows 7 - Admin Doesn't Have Permission?

hey all,
basically, i dont have the correct permission to access some of my folders,

so far it only seems to have effected my movies and pictures within the 'pictures' and 'videos' default folder.

if i try and do anything to any of these files (copy, cut, open, etc.) i just get a message saying i dont have the correct permission to access the file location.

i have tried useing the built-in admin account, and that cant even access it! wtf!

i only have one HDD in my comp, its not external or anything like that, its only started doing this last few days.

although i can kind of fix this problem myself, but only one file at a time:
Right Click > Properties > Security Tab > 'to continues you must be an admin user with permission to view this objects security properties'.... Continue

i then get the option to set me as the owner of the file...

Ok > then click continue again > WMPNetworkSvc > Allow full control > ok

now i can view that file, but i can only do this one at a time, and i really dont want to do this to every individual picture and movie....



hmmmm yea im currently working this problem out and here is what i have found so far.

How to fix:
1. Open up command prompt, right click and run as admin to open the administrative control panel
2. type the following and hit enter
then the next one

this will give both admin and your account full permissions to ALL files in the C: drive

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Sorry this didn't help.

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I've seen that on computers that have been infected with a type of virus that takes your rights away as an administrator, even if you create a different account with administrative privileges will not help.  My professional suggestion, never keep personal files like pictures and videos on a system C: drive.  Reinstall windows using a clean install, if reinstalling Windows 7 make sure when it asks you where to install windows you choose an advanced option, then it will give you an option to delete the existing partition(s).  After you reinstalled windows make sure you install security software before the computer goes on line.  The software that I recommend is Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 it is compatible with windows 7.  And NEVER use windows with an administrative privileges unless you are installing software or doing maintenance.  That is the biggest mistake people make when using windows.  If you follow this simple rule you may never run in to situations where your rights from accessing a file are taken away from you.  Good luck.

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