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What is taskeng.exe?

BarbaraBrown_986 asked on
Why does the Taskeng.exe black screen keeps popping up?
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BarbaraBrown_986 replied on

Thanks to all of you.  I've finally got the issue resolved.  It was a virus, and I used Malwarebyte Anti-Malware software to return my laptop back to normal.  Once again, Thanks.
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Liza.Z replied on

Hi Barbara,


Have you made any changes to the computer prior to the issue?


You should open up task scheduler:

a. Click Start button
b. Type: Task scheduler
c. Press enter and look for taskeng.exe


Please follow the instructions:


1. Go to the Start menu.
2. Type task scheduler and press enter.
3. Press continue on the UAC popup.
4. In the left pane of task scheduler, underneath Task Scheduler Local, right-click on Task Scheduler Library.
5. In the View submenu, make sure the Show Hidden Tasks option is checked.
6. Widen the Name column in the center pane. The hidden task that is likely at fault has a name that starts with User_Feed_Synchronization, followed by a dash and a bunch of digits inside a curly brace.
7. Select that task in the middle pane by clicking on its name.
8. To verify that this scheduled task is creating all those taskeng.exe processes, select the History tab in the middle pane near the middle of the screen. If you expand out the Level and Date and Time Columns, you should see a bunch of errors and date and times that are 5 minutes apart. If that's the case, then this task is the problem.
9. On the rightmost pane, select Disable.
10. There may be more than one scheduled task like this, so you'd need to disable any or all that were causing problems.


Let us know the result. If the issue is still not fixed, we'll be glad to assist you further.

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