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I believe the right way to testing is achieved by using Windows 7 RC as my unique OS. And that's what I am doing right now. When you have only one OS on your system, you feel like the problems arriving must be corrected instantly.
Let me share with you one of the problems I discovered over my Windows 7 system today.

I'm on a home network now, using a home wireless "router" connected to a cable modem and the cable modem is the gateway to the Internet. This is a pretty commom configuration these days.
The computer I am using is a notebook with a wireless G connection.
I've never configured my Windows 7 homenetwork after installing the system. But I remember being asked to choose between private and public. The thing is I've chosen "private".

Today then, I was "surfing" throw the homenetwork (that has 5 computers) and mine was listed. What caught my atention was that there was a folder name "users" completed opened under my computer's name.

Clicking on the folder "users" I discovered that the entire folder was been shown. All the files, all the subfolders.
I changed the homenetwork from private to "public". That made no difference to the sharing of the "users" folder.
Instead then, I chose to right click the folder "C:\Users" and check for its sharing options.
I was suprised that it was shared already.

Now, follow me, if I share under Windows Vista or 7 a subfolder of the folder "users", all the folders before it will be shown, BUT ONLY THE FOLDERS NAMES. What happened here is that all the files and subfolders of the folder "users" were been shown.

What an issue!!!

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I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise
Go to Control Panel / Folder Options / View TAB...scroll down to where it say's "Use Sharing Wizard (Recomended)" and remove the check mark.  Doing this will prevent the Users directory from being automatically shared whenever any folder is manually shared.

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Hi DannyDaniels,

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I suggest navigating to the Users folder and adjusting the sharing settings to resolve this issue.
You can right-click on the folder and click Properties, then click the Sharing tab, then click the Advanced Sharing button.
Remove the check mark from Share this folder and click OK.

That should un-share the folder.

Please let us know if this helps.

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Sorry this didn't help.