username, password, and domain field at login screen

I am used to using Windows XP.  In Windows XP there was a way to turn off fast switching and also require users to use control+alt+delete to login.

I would like to have the domain field be accessible like it was in Windows XP so that you could click the domain field and choose something else.  I do not like how the username is listed as domain\user name and then there is a field for password.

Having three fields for username, password, and domain is much simpler.  How can this be done?
Little Bill wrote:
> So the only way to login is to specify /username in the user field
> as opposed to having a third field where you can select the domain?

Only if you're trying to log into a domain other than the one to which
the computer belongs.

> I do feel it is much easier to have the domain name show because you can click
> the pulldown menu and easily select whether you want to login to the machine or
> domain.
in either the domain
> name or machine name in front of the username. That is more work and also when
> you do this on several machines you have to know what the exact machine name is
> instead of it being conveniently stored for you in the pulldown menu.

I've been doing that for months on all of the Vista machines at work,
and don't really see how it's that onerous a task. Sure, for most of
our less-than-computer-literate users, the drops down lists are helpful,
but our trained IT folks don't seem to have much trouble. Knowing the
"exact machine name" isn't a problem because the we use a consistent
naming convention, computers are labeled, and out inventory database
links serial numbers to computer names.


Bruce Chambers

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