Q: Open File - Security Warning on every lnk, even MS installed apps

Since a win7 update a few weeks ago, every shortcut lnk, and I mean EVERY lnk, now requires intervention via the "Open File - Security Warning"

The message is always the same, Unknown Publisher, even for MS Word, SQL Server, etc.  These are all locally run from drive C and I have admin rights.

If launch the exe directly from the explorer, everything runs without issue.  It's just shortcuts that are having issues.

I am running Win7 64 Pro.  Before the update that caused this, it was running fine.  I had all the UAC ____ turned off and all was well.

This is more than just an inconvenience, it's turning my new system into a worthless brick.

How do I stop this nonsense without turning ALL security off as some have suggested?



I don't know why this works for opening desktop applications, but this change stopped the annoying Open File Warning Message every time I opened applications on my Win7 computer.

Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > "Launching applications and unsafe files (not secure)" > Enable

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