I receive error code 5 when I try to start Windows Firewall

Original Title: Windows 7 x64 Firewall wont start, tried everything


Hi, ive tried pretty everything which was described in the first 10 google search pages, but i cant get rid of the known firewall problem

To me its the error code 5.

As soon i try to start it manually, it says could not be started (......) error code 5.
I did a win7 system file repair, i did a network reset, i tried about 30 different commands to display informations about the firewall service, ive checked the firewall authority driver being loaded, i gave full firewall permission to all described registry directories, ive created completely new firewall rules, 1:1 to the default ones, ive checked other "regular" processes to be running within the firewall service and and and.

NOTHING did help me.

Other people facing this problem actually get another error code for first, after some solutions they also face the "error code 5".
Oh yeah, i also tried the firewall fix tool from microsoft.
It says theres a problem with the firewall, but cant solve it.

I never had any infection or OneCare/3rd Personal Firewall running.

And because i cant settle this Firewall problem, i also cant use forwarded ports - which is terrible bad since im used to own a local game server.
But that is past - ive faced the problem like half a year ago. And i want it to be solved without to format my drive.

Since you guys are part of the Microsoft staff - and got the possibility to contact developers as well - why cant you just create a firewall package upon newest updates which overwrites actual files/settings in order to fix problems which are found by your own tool?

Its really a pitty, i hope you can offer me new a solution :(

- Are you using any third party firewall software?
At no time.

- Was there any recent changes made on your computer prior to the issue?
No, not at the time the problem appeared, also not 1-2 weeks before.

Method 1:
Returns Error Code 5, as i described in my problem

Method 2:
Tried everything 2-3 times yesterday, including the Microsoft Tool to fix problems automatically.

Method 3:
I already did a complete check and recover of system files, no modified files have been found.

Also the Batch file in order to start/restar services:
sc config MpsSvc start= auto - success
sc config KeyIso start= auto - success
sc config BFE start= auto - success
sc config FwcAgent start= auto - fail "[SC] OpenService Error 1060 - not an installed service"

net stop MpsSvc - Service not started
net start MpsSvc - Cant be started - Error Code 5

the rest - sucess, but firewall service still not running.

Seems like the firewall service or a part of it gots uninstalled by something?
Maybe by update case?

Also i cant find any files "FwcAgent" in my system drive while showing system files and hidden files.

I guess this is NORMAL since the windows files check didnt found any modifications.
Theres no light at the end? Really?

By the way, the phone support also couldnt help (and its terrible btw, you get handled such a total noob). The suggestions here are far more "deep", still nothing worked yet.

By looking arround for ways how to re-install the windows firewall component i found another not official repair tool.

It registers pretty all system components related in any way to security and firewall settings, also it re-creates all rules and rights for dirs and registry keys.

And what should i write - it WORKED.
Let me share it with you: http://www.tweaking.com/index.php?/content/page/repair_windows_firewall.html

Somebody should paste this tool into the foreheads of microsoft developers, but the hard way.
How come some hobby programmers can create such simple tools which beat anything from microsoft developers?

I hope my solution works for the many thousend other ppl i found on the net - which couldnt solve their (same) issue with the vista/windows7 firewall.

Please mark this Topic as BOLD and GREEN as possible :-)
Still thank you for your help, John Rubdy!

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