How do i disable AUTORUN windows 7

Buddy101 asked on

I have Windows 7 home edition. I want to disable COMPLETLY the autorun feature.

I would like to use the basic "gpedit" tool but it is not available on home edition (that's very sad!)

I have tried the autoplay config in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound but it doesn't work. I still see my USB external drive icon "WD" appear in MyComputer, so it still reading the autorun. I even changed the NoDriveTypeAutoRun key in the registry to "ff".

I would like to take control back of my PC.

Thank you 

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Technoraz Kumar replied on
Disable Auto Play in Windows 7


Click the Start and Input "gpedit.msc" in search box, then click the result to open the gpedit.

Expand Administrative Templates >Windows Components >  Autoplay Policies in order.Then double click "Turn off Autoplay"

Click Enabled, and then select All drives so that you can disable Autorun on all drives.Click Ok at last.

After restarting your computer, you have done all the needed work to disable Auto Play in Windows 7.

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Shishira D replied on

Hi Buddy101,


Autoplay and Autorun are two different features of Windows. Disabling Autoplay from Control Panel and making changes in Registry to set NoDriveTypeAutoRun key to FF does not change the Autorun behavior.


If windows perform any task automatically when you connect the external hard drive then we can say that Autoplay is enabled.


If nothing happens and only the Icon changes in windows explorer then Autoplay is disabled, we cannot stop windows from changing the icon because the behaviour is by design.


Please check the link below that discusses about Autoplay and Autorun,


Hope this information helped you!

Yaaser - Microsoft Support Engineer
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