Ctrl Windows key R scam

I just recieved the same scam call. backtrack phone number 2253612838 "Adam" if this helps track them down.  225 is Baton Rouge.  Indian accent, loud call center.  I fix computers so knew it was a scam.  Loud call center - must really be a big operation!  Once they get your computer they take all your personal info then destroy your hard drive to cover their tracks. 

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This just happened to me too. The number came in as Novatel

Indian Man who claimed he was calling on behalf of Windows. I cannot remember what he said his name was. Told me that If I didn't do it my computer would crash without his help. I asked for a phone number to  call back and of course he didn't have a call back number.

This just happened to me today, May 5 2015.  Call ID came in as Not Available 1624.  The caller had an Asian Indian accent.  Claimed to be from Windows IT in Boca Raton, FL.  He said hackers from NY were trying to get into my computer.  He wanted me to press Window + R.  I stalled and tried to get some info from him,it was obviously a scam.  Asked for his phone number, finally he said, 786-245-URTMF.  I replied UR2 and hung up.

I sent this to a my list.  thanks!


Please read.  This is going nuts.  I receive at least two a week. So many people fall for this.   Usually costs $500 to have them "release" your computer plus they leave the malbot on your pc and call every few months demanding more money.   They bury the malbot where it cannot be removed.  Most people scammed end up tossing their old computer and buying a new one.   The WORST version of the scam is one put on your computer buried it in the registry of your e-mail file and documents.     NOT easy to do - thank heavens!   

So you move those "MUST HAVE" files to your new pc but the da ---- criminals STILL have you forever.  Until you abandon your email and all documents.   Bummer!  This scam has been narrowed down to one city in "tech city" part of a city in east India.  This is serious enough Microsoft and others has gone to the Indian government demanding they shut down the dozens of companies doing this.  THOUSANDS OF PEOPE ARE DOING IT! 


This is the first time I have EVER seen Microsoft put out such a warning!  This is major serious.   Please pass to friends.  They just call random numbers assuming people have a computer!   As a group I heard they bought a copy of AARP's member list.  So many people are complaining to AARP they may be forced to stop selling their member list.  They sell it for a million dollars to like life insurance companies and hearing aid companies.   You can buy age specific cheaper.  Like only older women over age 75.   List is like gold.   I heard that list costs $250,000   Only two million women on it but think how vulnerable they are to so many types on cons and scams! 

On the entire AARP list you have 30(?) million people all with wired telephones and mostly not computer saavy- being older.   Many just have a pc to see their grandkids on Skype and do a few emails with friends.  So they are prime targets.    Since I am a retired senior level computer engineer (I have patents, still do a lot of consulting, etc.) if I have time I play with them with some of my hacking software (I NEVER EVER hack for bad reasons- only to mess up hackers themselves -- I back trace them and do things like add a porno redirect to their pc.  I even have software I wrote that destroys their pc if I want to.  But I have NEVER destroyed a computer.   NEVER been that mad! 

Most of these scammers have NO computer protection.  Zero.  Takes me just seconds to take over not just one PC but an entire call center!

Guess they figure not many AARP people have techie smarts plus hacking software.  I do!  I heard my phone number is on a SHORT "NEVER EVER CALL THESE NUMBERS = NEVER!" list.  But the list is usually ignored I guess.  I had four call last week.  So many people are dropping wired phones and just doing cell "targets" fall in number every day.  I'd drop it if my wife allowed it.    Says "we're not real people unless we're in the phone book".  

One guy I convinced I had his house surrounded by the police!   I told him "if you show up at your house within an hour in your underwear that is the police secret code that you are OK and they will not arrest you!   The guy sent me a message the next day mad as Hell. 

Oh, I also wrote "you MUST yell all the way home "I am out here in my underwear for punishment for being a bad immoral con man!".  I wrote the police have one detective already watching him.  I wrote he had to then climb on his roof and keep yelling for 0 minutes.   

He wrote me "my neighbors laughed, took pictures etc".  Could have been worse.  I could have made him go home naked but I figured he might not do it. 

His wife was NOT happy.   Called him a FOOL for falling for the prank.   I would have loved to have had someone video it but no way to know in advance who would be the fall guy.   NO ONE now falls for the "underwear prank" as it is now known. 

His message said "we are moving - all because of you - you are a very bad people man!   Americans are not supposed to be bad people!  You are a bad American people!". I locked him out so he could not trace me or get my IP address. He could send me a message but that was it.   I

I'm sure his "call center" people laughed as he walked home in his underwear.  I suspect he is now driving one of those Indian pedacabs!   

Gosh!  "Gee wilikers Wally and Beaver! You have fun in life where you find it" is my philosophy!    Moral: do not get one Gary Yantis upset!   I am RARELY upset BTW.


No matter what they do their pc goes to porn sites. But not forever.   I'm NOT cruel.   I turn the pc loose after a week with a closing message of "see what it feels like to scam people!   Go find another occupation or do GOOD stuff with your computer skills". I then list a dozen companies in India who hire locals to do needed things.  Like Odesk.  There are many more GOOD Indian computer companies!   India is becoming a HUGE techie country.    99% are all in one area of the Indian east coast. 


Gary *** Email address is removed for privacy ***  all of India is now locked out of my computer for tracing so having my email will do them no good!  I read a rumor some government types get BIG bribes for allowing this. Guys like me cost crooks money!

Alex, from a RESTRICTED number told me 11/5/2105 that he was calling from the Windows Service Center and that he was trying to prevent my windows device from crashing.    He had a very distinct Indian accent but would not give me any information other than he was trying to help.      He wanted me to push the windows key and r.     I told him he was not verified by me as a confirmed contractor for Microsoft windows.   He than offered to give me my ID number.    I asked for his, then hungup.  

"Steve" just called me. Same MO. Indian, large noisy call center. Told me he was calling from Microsoft Service Center and that I needed to press cntrl+Windows+ little r or else terrible things would happen to my computer. I told him this sounded strange, and he said he could prove it by telling me an ID number on my computer that no one else in the world has.

I asked for a callback number and he gave me - 210-888-9063

Then I told him I would call back. Yeah right.

Very simply, the whole rather obvious scam is to get you to log onto a website (in this case it was MICROTECHRESOLVE) and download malicious code.

The rest of the stuff with getting you to type CTRL+R and ASSOC or  MSCONFIG or EVENTVWR is just to make you think you have something wrong. The average joe with a PC should be able to spot this in about 2 milliseconds after picking up the call (I actually kept them going for 55 minutes!).

It is the oldies that are more likely to get confused.

This happened to me this morning.  East Indian woman... very busy call centre... lots of different languages in the background.  The call id was from Montreal, QC, Canada 514-320-0874.

I kept her on the line as long as I could and she finally said... "Sir... I think you are fooling me."  I replied that I was part of an international task force... Homeland Security, FBI, NSA, CIA, Mounted Police, CSIS, FSP and that I'd kept her on the phone in order to track her location... which we had done... and an armed force is now entering the building.  I wished her good luck and said I hoped she said goodbye to her family this morning.

This scam is still active.  My cell phone was called from 860-951-7532. The person said that malware was detected on my Windows PC. I decided to play along.  The woman asked me to do the CTRL-WINDOWS-R. After much back and forth due to noisy phone line, she said that she wanted me to open up Internet Explorer and input IP When I told her I was doing a network check on this IP address first, she hung up. The Registered Domain for this IP address is static-vsnl.net.in. This originates from TATACOMM-IN, an Internet Service Provider, based in Mumbai, India. Through my online research, I found this is a known scam where the hacker tries to access your PC and upload ransomware into it or find your personal financial related information on your PC's hard drive.  Beware.

I just received a similar call from the number "6461100" and that was the first thing that seemed odd.

then he tried to convince me my email was sending out spam and follow the same basic instructions you guys listed.

I was called by an unknown number just now, which in and of its own is a huge red flag. I was told by a woman who was obviously Indian and claiming that she was representing Microsoft that my computer had started sending out error reports at random, and that social networking sites, e-mails and search engines were corrupting the files in my operating system.

Now, I knew it was a scam immediately when she said she was from Microsoft. I am pretty damn sure Microsoft would send an e-mail if such a thing had truly happened, instead of calling with an unknown number. 

Anyway, she asked me to press Ctrl + Windows + R. I lied and told her that I did. She asked me what I saw, and at that point I figured I had to bail on the call, because it is a waste of my time. Told her that the power in my town went out, and guess what she said? She told me to turn my computer on. As if I could do that during a power outage. I explained the "situation" further, and my call was moved to some dude whose Indian accent was a lot more subtle than the woman's. I explained the "situation" to him as well, and then he asked if there was a better time he could call back. This just told me how stupid these people are. A power outage can last anywhere from a couple minutes to several days where I am from (The latter being extremely rare, though), and I assume how long power outages last varies a lot most other places, too.

So the dude said he'll just call me at some random point later, and when he does, I am gonna tell him that I researched what his associate wanted me to do, and tell him to get a job that doesn't depend on ruining people's computers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.


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