Q: Can't Access Change User Account Control settings

Unbeknownst to me something has changed in my user account control settings. Like Minimoa who posted on 11/28/2009, I am unable to change my User Account Setting in Windows 7, even though I'm logged in as an administrator. When I click on "Change User Account Control Settings", absolutely nothing happens. If I log into a Guest account, clicking on "Change User Account Control Setting" brings up a dialog box asking for Admin password. I enter the admin password, then the dialog box disappears, and then nothing. I still cannot access the UAC settings. What do I do?





-      How long have you had this issue?


Follow the methods listed below:


Method 1:


If the issue occurred due to the reason mentioned in the “Cause” section of the following article, run “Fix it” to fix the issue:


You cannot change User Account Control (UAC) settings on Windows 7


Method 2:


Create a new user account and check if you’re able to change the User Account Control (UAC) settings in the newly created account.


If the issue does not persist in the new user account, it could indicate that your old user account is corrupted.


Access the link below and follow the steps to repair the corrupt user profile:


Fix a corrupted user profile

Gokul - Microsoft Support

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