Q: Getting Folder Access Denied on windows 7

I am trying to copy files from my old xp pro laptop to my new windows 7 desktop.

I've shared the drive from my old laptop on my home network. I can see the folders and files I want to copy.  I started to copy a folder and it copied 2 files then gave me a Folder Access Denied message.  The files that copied witn no problem were an excel 2003 spread sheet and a Word 2003 document. The file that won't copy is a .zip file.

I am the only user on both the xp pro and the windows 7 server.  I just want to copy all the documents i have from the old laptop to my new computer. sounds pretty straight forward. 

Any ideas on how to do this simple task?



The usual method requires you create an account/password on your WinXP machine that matches your Windows 7 account/password. It may also be necessary to grant full access to the folders you wish to copy for this Windows 7 account.

If this sounds too tedious then you could do this:
1. Format a flash drive with the FAT32 file system rather than NTFS.
2. Copy the problem folders to this flash disk.
3. Copy the flash disk to your Windows 7 machine.

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