Q: Editing XML file in Program Files folder

I have a .NET program that reads an XML file located in the application startup folder.  Under Windows XP, I can simply go in and edit this file to change settings, etc.  In Windows 7, it is driving me looks like I am editing it (running Notepad as administrator) and writing the file back to the folder.  But then I start the program, and the settings remain unchanged.  I've even tried deleting the XML file completely to no avail - the program should give me an error if the file cannot be found (it does this correctly under XP), but it somehow seems to find the original file even though I cannot see the file in Windows Explorer or find it from a DIR command in a DOS box.  WTF is going on?
Dave Taylor



This means that you're looking in the wrong folder. Check both the C:\User and the C:\Program Data folders - you will most likely find the real file buried deep inside one of them.

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