Windows Media Player Playback Is Choppy And Skipping, Anyway to fix the problem ?

I enjoy the way Windows Media Player is on Windows 7 but at times some songs are Choppy and sound as if they are skipping, its only some songs, I don't understand why that is so, but is there anyway to fix it, because I want to place my music collection back in my PC, but I'm not sure if Windows Media Player would play my files properly, also when its a playlist there is no skipping, only when I select files, but CD audio doesn't skip it plays flawless. Anyway to fix the MP3 problem ?
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The problem was easily solved by me turning off my enhancements, that is what caused the choppy playback, now all the files I play on WMP plays flawless.. so if anyone has this problem the proper thing is to check and see if you have any enhancements on, while playing files, that will most likely solve the problem.

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