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Windows 7 MIDI output device selection

willderrness asked on
I am an active musician who has recently made the switch from XP to Windows 7, skipping Vista.  I connected my Edirol UM-1, and the drivers installed successfully.  The interface works fine within my DAW software, but I also like to have WMP use the UM-1 as the default MIDI output device.  When I went to the control panel to make that selection, I discovered that the MIDI device section was missing completely.  

There are several threads on this topic in the Vista forums, but I haven't found much discussion about this topic in the Windows 7 forum.  The fact that this problem remains from Vista to Windows 7 does not give me much hope that a solution will come from Microsoft.

My questions:  Is there a solution to this problem that doesn't involve registry hacks or questionable downloads? And/or has anyone had any success in Windows 7 using registry hacks or software patches.

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TerryFisk replied on

Hi again Don well I've found where you are making your mistake! You are not editing the registry in the right place. You must go to the DEFAULT MIDI DEVICE folder or directory. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ActiveMovie\devenum\{4EFE2452-168A-11D1-BC76-00C04FB9453B}\Default MidiOut Device   

You are going to the directory in the same 4EFE2452-168A-11D1-BC76-00C04FB9453B but you are editing Tascam US122mk2 and the Microsoft Wavetable synth directories DO NOT EDIT THESE FOLDERS. You MUST GO TO THE DEFAULT MIDI DEVICE DIRECTORY! You must also re edit the two device Tascam and MS WAvetable directories back to the original zero for Wavetable and 1 for tascam. Then edit the DEFAULT MIDI DEVICE directory to either zero for onboard or 1 for USB. A simple mistake that's cost you a few folicles ;-)  Terry

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theplectrum replied on


Its actually all to do with the drivers, not the OS.

I have an Edirol PCM30 keyboard and a Edirol SD20, bioth of which work perfectly under W7 Pro as Edirol has written W7 specific drivers for these products. I can also use the keyboard through a Presonus FS26x26 as it also has W7 specific drivers.

If your midi devicde manufacturer has not written W7 specific drivers then you'll have to try using Vista drivers (install in compatibility mode), but there are no guarantee they work.

UM1 drivers are here :


Emu beta drivers are available here (scroll down) :




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