Q: Renaming photos--how can I get it to start with #1 for the very first photo?

I am renaming a bunch of photos within a folder, and Windows nicely puts on the new name and adds a sequential number to all of the photos.  Great, I thought.  However, the very first picture has no number attached to it, so when the pics are sorted by name, the first picture ends up getting sorted to the end of the group.  Very annoying.  Is there a way for the renaming process to start the numbers thing with the very first picture?



Right click the first file in a selected group of photos and choose...Rename.

Enter the following number for photo #1: (Also you can add a descriptive
name for the group)

Summer (10001).jpg
yes...there is a space between  r  and  ( 

Press...Enter and Windows will rename the remaining photos.

Summer (10002).jpg
Summer (10003).jpg
Summer (10004).jpg

If you wish to continue the next group with the same number sequence...
just begin on the next number:

Summer (10005).jpg
Summer (10006).jpg
Summer (10007).jpg

If you wish to have several different subjects in the same folder...with each
group staying together and in sequence...see the following:

Your photos will autosort...first alphabetically then numerically.
If you use the numbering system in the following screenshots.

There should be a space between the last letter and the first
parenthesis. The number sequence must begin with a number
before the zeros...(10001), (10002), (10003)

If you want a specific group to be first...add an A prefix to each
file name...then B, C, D...etc... (add a space between the letter
and the filename)

With A,B,C,D Prefix:

Without A,B,C,D Prefix (this way, the first letter of each word will dictate)
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