Q: No sound on Windows 7 laptop error Spekers are unplugged

Original title:Speakers Unplugged on a laptop apparently!

I have a Thinkpad Z60m laptop with 1.5Gb of Ram and I have the same problem as several others: No sound. It same Digital Sound (S/PDIF) enabled but that Speakers (High Definition Audio device) is unplugged. Unplugged? I have internal speakers on a laptop. I assume this is a driver problem since the hardware is fine. Does someone know exactly what the problem is?



Thanks again for the reply. As it happens I managed to fix the problem. For the sake of others with the same problem, maybe I can mention how.

It was a driver problem. Apparently Windows couldn't automatically install the correct drivers I needed for my sound card. I had to first find out the manufacturer of my sound card by installing Sisoft Sandra to my computer (which can give you a complete listing of hardware on your computer and the associated manufacturers) and then look for drivers on the REALTEK website since my drivers were that of SOUNDMAX. However, either they've stopped supporting my ancient hardware or it's buried so deep in their website that I couldn't find it. Then I googled the hardware and found a link to beta drivers on some strange site. However, I downloaded them (they were originally for Win Vista, but usually those work with Win 7) and installed it and got my sound back.

I can't believe Microsoft isn't solving the problem when so many have the same issue. It's a real pity since it otherwise works pretty well.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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