Q: No sound and slow video playback after computer sleep state

After Deep Sleep ; All media are buggy , Video are ruunning slow and no sound for such videos

Hi ,

I was facing this problem since Beta version of Windows 7 , and i thought it would be solved in final release , but it seems it is still there .

After my PC goes into deep sleep (PC have no sound at all - just as if it was shutdown ), All kind of Video applications produces bugggy video (slow and sluggish) with no sound at all

Such behaviour is produced in almost all video applications including Windows Media player , Jetaudio , and VLC .

and the only available solution as appears to me , is to restart the PC .

I hope io am reporting enough information , to help in solving such bug .

Thanks .



i know the soloution.


Right clicking on MYCOMPUTER, PROPERTIES advance system settings , ADVANCED. and clicking on SETTING in the STARTUP and RECOVERY section, chooze only "windows 7"

 deleted the √ in the box: Time to display list of operating systems 

if you use any win7 crack or patch like "remove wat"

open it again and choose "restore wat"

this pach cause you the problem

buy a legal copy of win 7 or something..




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Sorry this didn't help.

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