Q: My volume slider under windows 7 keeps going down automatically.

I have tried clean boot,new user profile,virus scan.checked sound card settings,got the drivers updated from toshiba for sound card and the touch pad on the laptop. I have also tried connecting an optical mouse which didnt helped.



hi, I just had the same problem, my computer either moved the volume automaticaly all the way up or down, but never let me do the adjustments.

My computer does have a realtek audio card but that wasn't the problem.   The solution for me was to uninstall the keyboard and restart the computer.  The keyboard was installed automaticaly on reboot and it all worked perfectly.

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Uninstall realtek manager and check if the problem is resolved.

Check for any other software that is running and set to 'mute'. The slider only displays the status of the volume mixer device, and the device itself is shared between all the programs - if any of them changes the volume, others should move their sliders accordingly. If one program keeps muting the volume, setting it in another won't help.

Also check whether (if you have a laptop or a multimedia keyboard) the 'volume down' key is stuck.

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