Q: my computer only plays sound out of the left speaker, how do i fix this?

I have a feeling that the L/R panning is off but dont know how to fix it.  Its not just when i play sound from my computer, but also when i plug in hedphones. where can i find panning options? or what ever else could be needed to fix this? this is a windows 7 computer, always has been, and its lenovo. Thanks!!



Hi Ryan,
I would recommend getting back to the basics.
You have removed realtec and you are now using generic windows drivers correct?
The sound card is on the mother board or installed on it's own card?
If it has it's own card unseat it (while the system is off.) then re-seat the card making sure it is secure
Once you determine that several otherwise working speakers/headphones are having that same issue, then that points to hardware failure.
eddie b

The answer is in the details!

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