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philchadwick999 asked on

wmp12 in windows 7 has ceased working properly - again

on inserting a cd the rip tab is greyed out and inaccessible - the tracks shown as ripped to library, obviously they are not

i have de and re installed the software twice with no change

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Kiran Jayakumar replied on



Try to run the Windows Media Player Library troubleshooter to fix any issues with corruption in the Library as it shows that the ‘tracks are ripped to the library’.


Also run the Windows Media Player Settings troubleshooter.


If the troubleshooter does not fix the issue then try to rebuild Windows Media Player Library database.

Clear the Windows Media Player database. Try the following steps:

a)    Click Start, click Run, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Media Player, and then click OK.

b)    Select all the files in the folder, and then click Delete on the File menu.

Note: You do not have to delete the folders that are in this folder.

Restart Windows Media Player.



You may also refer the following articles on how to rip music CD’s.


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RogerFordham replied on

You may have solved it by now, but ...


I ticked the topmost rip box. This ticked all the boxes below and 'turned on' the 'Rip CD' button. I ignored the already ripped text and ripped away.


Hope this helps ... someone ...


Roger ...

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