Media Center can't detect DVR/Set Top Box, but finds it, but can't use it because it can't detect IR hardware.__

I have been using Media Center to watch TV for at least 6 months with no problem. I recently "upgraded" my cable to include a set top box so I could watch HBO in HD.

When Media Center searches for a TV signal it can't find one. It then lets me search manually, if I choose cable and say I have a set top box it can find a signal on 3. But then it searches for a IR control cable (which I don't have) I get the message can't detect IR hardware. Then it will not let me continue and save anything.

If I use WinTV 7 from Hauppauge it can find the signal on 3 and it will work. But the picture will not fill the screen there is a 1.5 inch border on each side that stays black.

I had no such problem when I was able to connect my cable directly into my tuner. But with the set top box I get this border.

Of course my cable provider can't help. They even claim that I was not watching HDTV on my computer moniter for 6 months - since they don't support it. I kept telling her that all the local stations came through the cable as QAM and worked great.

I don't think she liked me saying that the HD picture was sharper on the direct cable than through the set top box.

I am also interested in getting a cable card tuner so I can get rid of the set top box but media center says my graphic card isn't good enough - but won't tell me what I need. It seems strange since I am watching HD right now and it works fine and has worked even better without the set top box.

Is there a way to get Media Center to work with the set top box? And what is the requirement for a graphics card to use a cable card?



You will not get HDTV without a Digital Cable Tuner and a cable card. and you
will need a graphics card that supports HDCP and a TV/Monitor that supports it
as well.

The kit Hauppage offers is pretty much the same as the one I pointed you to.

the clear QAM availability varies by cable company. most are starting to encrypt

On Fri, 26 Mar 2010 02:44:16 +0000, ColumbusLee wrote:

>The same can be done through Windows Media Center, by right clicking the video image and clicking on Zoom. But in MCE when you have a cable box, you will also need a Microsoft approved IR blaster to control the cable box. If you don?t have this part you will get the IR hardware error not found. The HVR-950Q does not come with this, but if you really want to use Media Center you can purchase a Microsoft remote control kit from our webstore here "

>Since my monitor can accept DVI imput. I am wondering if I purchase a graphics card that will support DVI will I be able to get HDTV and not analog from either Windows Media Center or WinTV 7?

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