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Manually editing lyrics of MP3 files in Windows 7

HLee asked on

I've been searching for a way to manually add/edit lyrics of MP3 files in Windows 7. I know that the support for this function (which was present in Windows Media Player 11) has been discontinued in the latest version of Windows Media Player. I also found some advice on using http://www.lyricsplugin.com/   plug-in for Windows Media Player, but even using that, I couldn't find a way to "manually" edit the lyrics.

I listen to international music for which a lyric is not usually found using that plug-in automatically, so I really need to "manually" edit the lyrics.

What's your advice?

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Tim De Baets replied on
The  Windows Media Player Plus! plug-in adds a new tag editor to WMP, which you can use to add lyrics. After installing Windows Media Player Plus!, right-click a song that you want to add lyrics to, select  Tag Editor Plus , and go to  Advanced . Right-click a tag, select Add , and pick  WM/Lyrics .

Note that the method above won't actually embed the lyrics into the MP3 file. For that, you will have to use an external tagging tool like Mp3tag .
Tim De Baets
Tim De Baets
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Santosh.balram replied on


Only for music you can use a virtual windows of your previous operating system so you can use that operating system for accessing windows media 11 version and continue with plugin. This could be the only way for editing lyrics.


The plugin you were using on media 11 can also be available for media 12. Try downloading the compatible plugin and add the plugin.

You can try adding the plugin which you were using previously on media 12. Just before installing them or running them use the with option 'troubleshoot compatibility'. you will find this option when you right click on the plugin file.

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