Q: Howto select the composite port on ATI WOnder 650 usb tuner in WIndows Media Center? This thread is locked from future replies

Can anyone tell me how i can select the composite port for the ati 650 tuner in WMC? Media Center only 'sees' analog and digital tuners.- not the rca video input ports. UNLESS i select custom Install. but then it starts looking for infra-red remote. I dont  have a remote . At that point its try again to find a remote. or cancel. :-(



Beg pardon, but, I'm not mistaken - MC can't use the A/V inputs on a tuner as an additional input (what it first sounded like you wanted to do) - only as a primary input.  Tuners can't be switched on-the-fly between A/V and coax input.
That I didn't get at first what you were trying to do, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

Back to your issue:
This:  <I do not need to use an if remote for my pc as i am only controlling box .>
is exactly why you must have a remote kit.  MC needs to be able to control the STB (set-top box.)  If it can't change the channel, how are you going to use it?  Better:  how are you going to schedule a recording?
You need a remote kit - simple as that.  If you don't get a remote kit, you can't use the STB.  I'd recommend Hauppauge's remote kit - $30 U.S. gets you all of the hardware needed (remote, IR transceiver, and IR emitter.)  It's also a rather nice (and reliable) remote.

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