i want to be able to do batch conversion from jpg to bmp, png

I'm looking for a Windows tool or app that will allow me to convert existing JPG files to other formats (bmp or png). Photo Editor is long gone, Windows Live Photo Gallery is now just Photo Gallery and won't allow me to change formats. It will, however, take a bmp and automatically convert it to a JPG (nice but I want to have control over this).


Is there any other free program out there that will do this? Preferably one that will do BATCH conversions.


BTW Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows works great for converting file size and maintaining resolution.

IrfanView (which is free).

From the IrfanView Help file:

Click on the File Menu, select Batch Conversion/Rename. A dialog allows you to select a directory from which the files will be taken. Use Look in, File name and Files of type to limit the search.

Select the output directory at middle right. If you don't have the full path for this directory, click the Browse button to find it. Find a directory and when you have selected a directory, click the OK button to load the directory name as output directory.

You can set the current directory as output directory, if you press the Use this directory as output button.

Please take care if you are using same input and output folder. Some options may not work properly (e.g. apply on all pages) and if an error happens, there is no easy way to restore replaced files.

Batch Conversion:

Select the Output Format at bottom left. This works just like Save and Save As. The Options button lets you choose from the various file format specific save options, just like the Save and Save As dialog.

Use the Set advanced options button to apply many special operations to the images during conversion. These options are much like their versions on the Image Menu. The options are:

Crop, Resize, Change color depth, Auto adjust colors, Horizontal flip, Vertical flip, Rotate left, Rotate right, Convert to greyscale, Negative, Sharpen, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma correction, Saturation, Color balance, etc.

The commands will be processed in the order as they are shown in the dialog (first crop command, then resize etc.). If you want to change the order of operations, use the option Custom processing order.

Hint: for Batch Crop: Width and/or height can be negative numbers to allow cropping on right/bottom border. Example: start corner is Left-top, if width is set to -10, resulting image will be cropped 10 pixels on the right border.

Hint: for Batch Resize: If you set both, width and height, to e.g. 640 and activate the preserve aspect ratio option, the result image dimensions are: width = max. 640, height = max. 640, proportional.

The option Create subfolders in destination folder will create a similar folder structure in the destination folder to the original file path.

Hint: (for advanced users) The output/destination folder text value can also contain placeholders. Can be useful to e.g. sort/save files in folders by date, width and other image/file properties.

Batch Rename:

You can rename original/input files or you can copy/move original files to output directory and rename the files in the output directory. For renaming, you can generate a name pattern for new names and the starting index for numbers.

Please be very careful when you use rename and first test your options with dummy files; batch rename can be very powerful = dangerous! Using bad name pattern, combined with options like Move/Rename original/input files and/or Overwrite existing files, you can, under special circumstances, remove all input/original files! Please do not use these options, until you REALLY know what you are doing.

Hint: If you want e.g. 3 digits in the new rename name, you must also write 3x "#" in the pattern!
Example: Pattern image_### with start index 1 will produce file names "image_001", "image_002", etc.

Click on Set rename options to open a dialog for further options for the renaming process.

You can save the current/visible dialog values as a profile and later use/load the saved values.

Click on Run test rename to see the preview/results of the rename operation without actually renaming the files.

Check those you want to use, then click OK. To exit without making any selections, click Cancel.

Batch Conversion + Rename:

This option combines the normal Batch Conversion with Batch Rename. You can set the name pattern for the output files.

Select the files you want to convert by clicking their names. For a large range of files: click the first name, move the mouse to the last file in the group, hold down the Shift key and click. To choose individual files, hold down the Ctrl key and click each name.

Click the Add button to add the (selected) files that will be converted. Click the Add all button to select every image in the directory with the extension choosen in Files of type. Remove and Remove all take chosen files back out.

If the Include subdirectories option is checked and button Add all is pressed, all subdirectories will be searched for files with the choosen file type and added to the file list.

Click the Load TXT button to load file names from a TXT file. The TXT file contains, in each line, a name of the image/file, including the full path.

You can also save the current file list as TXT file, which can later used, e.g. in the Batch dialog, Rename dialog, Thumbnails window etc.

Click the Start button to begin. A box shows the progress of the conversion. If you need to halt, click the Stop button. When the process is done, click Exit to close the dialog.

File conversion may also be performed from outside IrfanView using a command line option.

When you are finished converting files, click Cancel to exit. Another way of exiting is to click the X in the upper right corner.

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