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How do we find our sound card?

NicoleL asked on
We have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with all current updates.  However, we have several issues at present.

1. The little megaphone in our Task Bar has a red "X" next to it, and when we hover over it, it says, "The Audio Service is not running."

2. Windows Media Center does not show anything.

3. We tried to follow the "No sound" repair process.  Our Device Manager shows 5 "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" and 1 "Realtek High Definition Audio."  Is any of these a sound card?  If not, how do we locate and fix it?

Any input/help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance!
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theplectrum replied on

To take your points one by one :

1) RTM = Read The Manual

2) Please re-read my solution - re-installing the audio drivers. By re-installing them the audio service will be turned on, you won't have to get your hands dirty by "going under the bonnet". This WILL help you.

3) Using the no sound repair process is not the end all and fix all it claims to be.

4) You say you have a red cross over the loud speaker. That means there is either no audio device installed or, as per your case, a service has been stopped. Your headset may work, but I bet you have no sound coming through it at the moment.


I gave you the easy way out - re-installing the audio driver package, unless of course you want to start mucking around with services etc ;-)  Here's how :


Click on Start | Type in Services | click on Services (NOT services.exe) | scroll down the window that opens to Audio Services | right click on it | chose Properties | it should read Automatic in the centre of the small window that opens - if it doesn't use the small ladder/downward arrow to change the option | just underneath that it should read started - if it doesn't change select started | Apply | OK and re-boot. You should have sound. 


Simply re-installing the sound drivers would, IMHO be simpler than the above, which is really a last resort if you don't know too much about computers..

WMP will not work either, you have no working audio device, so what can it play ? Nothing.




Ohmigod I lost my star :-(((
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