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How do you get sound from both your headphones and speakers at the same time? I have been playing with the settings, but it seems that you need to select each and make them "default" to get sound from them one at a time.  I would like to use both my headphones and speakers and not have to continually change the settings.



Hello MurseIRL,

Thank you for your post.  To clarify, are you trying to get sound from your speakers and headphone at the same time, or are you trying to get sounds to play simultaneously on different applications.  It isn't possible to play sounds at the same time from speakers and headphone because only one can be default at a time.  You can, however, play sounds from two different applications (ex. WMP12 and Video Game).  To do this, follow the steps below:

Open WMP12, play a song with headphone being the default player.
Open your second application and change the default player to speakers.

Your music will continue to play through your headphones while your second application plays through your speakers.

Please let us know if this does or doesn't answer your question.


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