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Hi, having problem with WMP 12. The 'Find Album Info' function is not working. All goes well until you click Finish to confirm you have found the right album information when window pops up saying there is a Script Error. I can then only get out by pressing cancel without updating the music files. This has only started happening recently. I have tried Restore Music Library to no avail. Can anyone help?



Thanks both for replies and info. I have found a solution by luck more than anything else. Had tried rebuilding library but did not work.


When the "Find Album Info" window is open there is script in top left hand corner:

If you hover curser over this it 'refresh' pops up, click on the script and it refreshes the Window just like clicking refresh on I.E. This cures the problem, if it doesn't work first time just refresh a couple of times and it does work. Also, so far, has stopped problem recurring.

Hope this works for you Widgeon3.


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Sorry this didn't help.

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